Secondary English Language Learning (ELL) Program    

  1. Course Information - This program is designed to help ELL students further develop their English language skills. The program will be content-based and relevant to the existing school curriculum. The objectives of the program include:
    1. developing the students' English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in both the academic and social levels;
    2. maintaining and improving the language proficiency of students;
    3. utilizing engaging content and activities to encourage active student participation.
  2. Permission/Pre-requisite -
    1. ASSESSMENT - At the beginning of the program, students will be assessed on their English language ability. The assessment will include a composition and a standardized reading comprehension measure.
    2. PLACEMENT - After the initial assessment, students will be placed into the appropriate groupings. (E.g. age appropriate, multi-level, ability levels). Some adjustments to placement may occur to meet students' needs.
  3. Evaluation/Mark - Evaluation is an on-going process which recognizes the individual learning of students. At Summer School, progress in language acquisition can be achieved through participation in all classroom activities. Teachers will keep a folder of each student’s work at Summer School. Summer School teachers or administrators will make NO placement recommendations to home schools.
  4. Registration Closing Date - Registration for Secondary ELL programs will close on Friday, July 3, 2020.