Secondary Preview Program    

  1. Course Information - These courses are designed to provide a preview of the course that students plan to take in the upcoming school year.
  2. Textbook Deposit - A $100 textbook deposit is to be paid at registration. This textbook deposit will be refunded at the end of August upon the return of all outstanding textbook(s) in good condition on the last day of class.
  3. Workbook Deposit - Some courses require students to pay for a workbook deposit ranging from $20 to $50. This deposit will be refunded if the workbook has not been written in and returned in good condition. This workbook deposit will be collected and refunded at the student's summer school site. If the student chooses to write in the workbook, the deposit will not be refunded.
  4. Permission/Pre-requisite - Students must have completed the prerequisite course(s) for the course in which they wish to register. 
  5. Evaluation/Mark - No marks will be given.
  6. Registration Closing Date - Registration for Secondary Preview programs will close Friday, July 3, 2020.