Online Registration Requirements

Students in grades K-12 currently attending a school in BC need a Personal Education Number (PEN) to register. If you do not know your PEN, please contact your home school.

The online account verification and setup is no longer available. Please phone the Summer School office to register. 604-713-4550.

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Skill Development

Practice a skill or learn something new this summer. A variety of courses are offered such as Art, Music, Science and Technology, Physical Education and much more. French Immersion courses are also available.

Secondary Courses

Secondary Program Offerings:
Completion Courses – For student who want Full Credit
Remedial Courses – For students who have failed or received a low pass
Preview Courses – for Students who wish to preview a course(s)
and English Languange Learning (ELL)

Elementary Courses

Elementary Program Offerings:
Language Arts & Mathematics (French / English)
and English Language Learning (ELL).

Important Information:

Elementary Program:

Students are limited to one Ministry Funded course and must register in their current grade level as of June 30, 2019.

Secondary Program:

Students may take more than one Ministry funded courses, but must be under age 19 on July 1, 2019.

Fee-paying Courses for Elementary and Secondary Students (not funded by Ministry):

Students may take any number of fee-based courses. See individual courses for applicable special fees.